Tree Removal in Bridgeton, MO

The Jackson family, with over 50 years of experience serving the St. Louis region, including the Bridgeton area, understands the unique needs of local trees. We have expertise in various tree species, including oak, maple, hickory, sycamore, dogwood, pine, to name a few. Our expert team can assess the condition of these trees and determine if tree removal is necessary.

When it comes to tree removal, we prioritize safety and efficiency. Our skilled professionals are trained in careful planning, precise cutting techniques, and expert rigging to safely handle large falling wood. With a proven track record of quick and secure tree removal, we ensure that your landscape and property are protected throughout the process.

In addition to tree removal, our comprehensive services include stump grinding and eliminating shrubs down to their roots, preventing regrowth. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy and beautiful outdoor space in Bridgeton, and we are committed to providing top-quality tree care solutions tailored to the unique needs of your local tree life.

How do you know if your tree needs to be removed?

Tree removal is a crucial aspect of tree care, especially in cases where specific factors pose risks or hinder the well-being of surrounding trees. In this section, we highlight the importance of tree removal.  By addressing these issues promptly, you can protect your property and ensure the health of your trees.

  1. Invasive Trees: Invasive tree species may appear appealing, but they can cause significant damage to native trees by competing for light and resources. Take, for instance, the notorious Bradford pear. It’s essential to remove invasive trees to preserve the vitality of your landscape.
  2. Pest Damage: Pests can wreak havoc on trees, and their presence should not be overlooked. If you notice borer holes in your tree, particularly ash trees affected by the emerald ash borer, contacting a trusted tree removal service like JTS is vital. Swift action can prevent further infestation and potential tree loss.
  3. Poor Location: Sometimes, a perfectly healthy tree may grow in an unfavorable location over time, such as near your house or beneath power lines where branches can grow into them. It is crucial to remove hazardous trees while they are young and smaller, making the process easier and mitigating potential risks.
  4. Dead or Dying Trees: Dead or dying trees should be promptly removed to prevent damage during storms or heavy winds. Acting swiftly in such cases is essential to ensure the safety of your property and surrounding trees.
  5. Significant Lean: If you notice a prominent lean in your tree, it’s essential to consult a certified arborist to recommend the best removal process. Addressing a significant lean promptly can prevent potential hazards and maintain a safe outdoor environment.
  6. Fungal Diseases: Detecting signs of fungal diseases, such as wilting falling leaves, wood indentations, or scabs on fruit trees, indicates a diseased tree. While not all diseases are fatal, early treatment is crucial to prevent further deterioration and the potential need for tree removal.

Why you shouldn’t do tree removal yourself

Tree removal in Bridgeton can pose significant risks for homeowners due to various factors. One major concern is the presence of power lines. Falling branches, limbs, or trees can not only disrupt power supply to the neighborhood but also result in accidental contact with the power lines during the tree removal process.

Additionally, there is a substantial danger of falls when attempting to cut down a tree. Even if the tree appears healthy, climbing it carries inherent risks. There is a chance of losing balance, branches breaking, ladders falling, or struggling with heavy and unwieldy tools, all of which can lead to accidental falls and potential injuries.

Hire a skilled Bridgeton tree removal expert

Make life safer and easier by calling Jackson Tree Service! We are a local St. Louis family business that has been supporting families just like you in the Bridgeton Area. Tree removal is a critical aspect of maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Whether you’re dealing with invasive species, pest damage, unfavorable locations, dead or dying trees, significant leans, or fungal diseases, prompt action is essential. By addressing these concerns proactively, you can preserve the well-being of your property and surrounding trees. Experience the difference with Jackson Tree Service. Whether you’re seeking a quote or interested in discovering more about our comprehensive range of tree and plant care services, we’ve got you covered! Allow us to handle all your tree care requirements, ensuring you can relish peace of mind and delight in a stunning landscape.

What to expect from us

You can expect a quality tree service company genuinely interested in minimizing your tree’s liability, as well as a company with plenty of experience, here at Jackson Tree both of our ISA certified arborists have had over 20 years of experience on and off the job, making us a trusted and reliable tree service in our community. When you call Jackson Tree Service you can expect our friendly, trained office manager, Kelly, to greet you and take down all the details of your tree service needs. Whether you have something specific or just want some recommendations Kelly will send out our professionally trained TCIA certified arborist.  A certified arborist will come out and have a look around your property making sure to let you know if he/she spots any hazards or major risks, then he/she will write up the proposal and tree recommendations to email or mail for your review.

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