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Since 1960, Jackson Tree Service has been providing expert tree care to the St. Louis area. Call today and get a free quote.

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Working In Maryland Heights

Maryland Heights is the headquarters of Jackson Tree Service and where our business started over 60 years ago — meaning we know how to best serve your area and the trees specific to it. Our loyalty and knowledge of St. Louis are some of the many things that make Jackson Tree Service great.

Unfortunately, Maryland Heights has numerous tree pests. Emerald Ash Borers attack Ash trees, sometimes causing death. Oak Galls are another invasive pest in Maryland Heights. Oak Galls are female wasps that lay eggs on Oak leaves. Jackson Tree Service can help prevent and combat these infections; we have certified arborists on staff who are trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of arboriculture, or the cultivation of trees and shrubs. Tree Vaccinators specializes in these issues as they are prevalent in St Louis.

Our Maryland Heights Tree Services

If you need a tree service in Maryland Heights, consider Jackson Tree Service for your tree care or removal. When your trees are sick or dead, you need a professional and experienced team to safely remove your trees. Jackson Tree Service is all of those things and more. We perform the following tree services in Maryland Heights:

  • Tree trimming and pruning: Trimming a tree periodically can extend its life and help to protect your home from damage caused by falling limbs.
  • Deadwood: This tree service can be utilized to improve the health of a tree, make it prettier to look at, and ward off disease.
  • Fertilization: We liken this tree service to a human regularly taking vitamins. Many trees require periodic fertilization to replenish both macro- and micro-nutrients that they may not naturally be receiving.
  • Brush & brush removal: Our experienced crew can remove all unwanted yard debris that results from a storm, tree trimming, or tree removal.
  • Stump removal & grinding: Because it can take decades for a stump to fully decompose, stump removal using specialized machinery is often necessary after a tree has been removed. After eliminating a stump, we level out the area and ready it for planting.
  • Tree removal: We typically recommend this tree service when a tree is dead and likely to fall over, or when a growing tree is interfering with a sidewalk, driveway, foundation, or underground pipe.
  • Pest control
  • Plant health care
  • Risk assessment

We also provide 24/7 emergency services to better serve you. Call our local team at (314) 423-9295 or fill out our form below to schedule a service.

Choose Jackson Tree Service

Jackson Tree Service is a family-owned company that provides a range of both residential and commercial tree care services in the Maryland Heights area. Founded in 1960 and led by three generations of the Jackson family, Jackson Tree Service is one of the longest-serving companies of its kind in the community. We were also recognized as the best tree service in Maryland Heights by the Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce in 2019, a title we were proud to receive.

Jackson Tree Service - Best of Maryland Heights

As a hardworking group of tree care professionals, we arrive at work each day committed to preserving the company’s legacy as one that always provides quality work at affordable prices. Our customers choose us because we are an established local business with an excellent reputation that has the flexibility to take on projects big and small. We also have two certified arborists, Mike and Rachel, who are qualified through the Missouri Department of Agriculture to diagnose and help. If you need tree care or removal in Maryland Heights, make the right choice and call Jackson Tree Service today!