Tree removaltree removal maryland heights

We’ve been busy working on a few special tree removal projects in Maryland Heights recently and the big picture project is one the Jackson Tree family can get firmly behind!

Growing up in Overland we rode our bikes from the time Mom shooed us out the door until the streetlights came on. We crisscrossed back yards, raced down the biggest hills we could find, and headed to Kimler’s Drug Store for a fountain soda. We did all of this without the benefit of sidewalks. It wasn’t until I put Andrew, our oldest, on a bike for the first time I ever considered the risks and dangers of a subdivision with no sidewalks.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, approximately 88-percent of deaths that involve commuters walking on roadways could be prevented with the creation of sidewalks or walkways.

Sidewalks are a uniting factor for municipalities all over St. Louis. They bring your neighbors closer, keep your kids safer, promote physical exercise, and provide an outlet for family entertainment.

Just like many municipalities throughout our city, Maryland Heights has worked hard in the past few years to improve their city sidewalks. In 2017 they are focusing on a number of capital improvements including Fee Fee Road, the Grissom Avenue project, a storm water project in the Broadview/Wylwood Acres subdivision, and a variety of sidewalk and infrastructure investments.

This month the sidewalk project focused on Brookside subdivision. These sidewalk improvements are not a small undertaking. With the engineering work completed and the concrete work ready to start it was our turn to come in and remove 18 trees and stumps on Hollycrest Drive, Donnycave Lane, and Berry Bell Drive.

Now that we’ve cleaned up and cleared out our partners, Amcon Municipal Concrete can come in to excavate, build their forms, and pour and finish the concrete. They will get those sidewalks installed so that Maryland Heights residents can be ready to enjoy them as the beautiful spring weather comes to St. Louis.

Enjoy this fast motion tree removal project in Maryland Heights.

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