St. Louis Tree Pest and Disease Control

st. louis pest and disease control

What Is Tree Pest and Disease Control?

Tree pest and disease control involve observing a landscape, diagnosing specific problems, and providing the appropriate treatments needed. A plant health care specialist and certified arborist can be useful when determining whether a tree needs to be cut down (removed) or treated for diseases or pests, which will save you money in the long run. Our certified arborist will come to inspect your property and follow up with a proposal that you can read over and accept to finalize the work order. 

The Benefits Of Tree Pest and Disease Control

In St. Louis, we have a lot of annoying tree pests and diseases including Oak Galls, Emerald Ash Borers, Dutch Elm Disease, Chlorosis, and more. It’s important to hire a trained specialist to examine your trees and correctly diagnose the problem.

Why Tree Vaccinators By Jackson Tree Service For Tree Pest and Disease Control

Here at Jackson Tree Service we take great care of our customers and we have the reviews to back it. We care about our customer’s trees just as much as we care about them. Jackson Tree Service has been serving St. Louis residents and companies since 1960 and would be glad to serve you too!

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