tree health

How To Apply Mulch For Tree Health

While a tree needs mulch to survive, given the protection and nutrients it provides, too much of it can be a hazard to its health. Knowing how to apply mulch properly helps a tree grow naturally, keeps out weeds, prevents soil compaction, and helps it weather extreme conditions as best as possible. Here’s how to…

spring trees in st louis

What Happens to Trees in the Spring

After slumbering through snowstorms, rain showers and all other elements Mother Nature brought during wintertime; trees wake up once springtime kicks into full gear. It’s not an instant awakening. It’s more like when you try getting up for work and try to convince yourself to stay in bed five more minutes before eventually getting up.…

St. Louis suburbs

Guide to St. Louis Suburbs

There are many reasons to love the sophisticated downtown core of St. Louis, including its incredible Forest Park, which is home to Saint Louis Art Museum, Missouri History Museum, Saint Louis Science Center and the Saint Louis Zoo. This bustling metropolis also features many five star restaurants, upscale shopping centers, and botanical gardens. This “home…