Checklist for trees in the winter in St. Louis

St. Louis Winter Tree Care Checklist

Midwestern winters are known for being frigid and unrelenting. Winter conditions may be tough to handle, but that doesn’t mean it should prevent you from managing your trees with care. With over 50 million residents throughout the Midwest, ranging from Missouri to Ohio, there are plenty of homeowners seeking advice on how to keep their…

Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Trimming Tips

There are few more magical times in St. Louis, MO than the holiday season. It’s all about family, making memories, and having a special celebration. It’s also a chance for people to express themselves by decorating their homes for the holidays. At the centerpiece of many holiday celebrations is the iconic Christmas tree. We’ve assembled…


10 Ways to Repurpose a Tree

Cutting down a tree from your property can be an emotional event for some people, especially if the tree was very old or had sentimental value to the family. But sometimes it’s necessary to remove trees that are damaged or unhealthy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to repurpose the tree and give…

sunset in st louis

Trimming Trees Around Power Lines

Pruning trees can be dangerous business if you don’t know what you’re doing or aren’t careful. Pruning trees around power lines, however, is guaranteed dangerous; no matter which precautions you take. Trimming trees that are near power lines isn’t a task you should ever take on yourself, because the risks are too great: you can…